Winter Exhibitions

Peter von Tiesenhausen: Experience of the Precisely Sublime

The title of this exhibition draws from Donald Judd’s idea of an integrated utopia, where art, architecture, and place come together. For Judd, art could only be realized in an ideal location, and as such could only be experienced in this “precisely sublime” setting – an environmental, social, and political model that seems apt for Peter von Tiesenhausen.

Cedric Bomford: Concrete Logic

Cedric Bomford

Known for installations that the artist describes as a mode of “thinking through building”, in which the act of construction is akin to a process of drawing or sketching, Esker Foundation presents Bomford’s Prague Air Vents, a series of large scale photographs that act as both studies of and investigations into the folly of civic architecture.

Tobias Zielony: Vele

Tobias Zielony

Tobias Zielony’s photo- and video-based series Vele explores the legacy of Le Vele di Scampia, a monumental Brutalist housing complex in northern Naples built by Franz Di Salvo in the 1970s. Originally hailed as a revolution in urban social housing, the complex was subsumed by the Camorra crime syndicate even before completion. Zielony’s shifting, hallucinatory video and eerie photographs of the structure and its inhabitants explore the failure of utopian architecture that has literally and figuratively crumbled into a reality that is at once both nightmarish and banal.