Jason de Haan: Oh for eyes! At night we dream of eyes!

May 28 – August 27, 2017

Opening reception: Saturday, May 27, 6-10pm

Calgary-based artist Jason de Haan has developed an interest in proposing and undertaking projects in which particular environments, natural conditions, and massive time scales complete, animate, and determine his multidisciplinary practice. The work most clearly deals with fleetingness, vulnerability, and the fragility of the natural world in a way that considers the limits of human perception and influence. The tangible traces of the monumental passage of time, like the interval it takes light from the most distant stars in our galaxy to reach earth – a staggering 3.8 billion years – or the polishing of a stone from thousands of years of touch, are evidence that we are merely a twinkle in a larger and longer conversation.

For de Haan, our ephemeral position within this epic dialogue offers a productive space to consider the difficulty of perceiving and describing distance, as well as the longing and nostalgia that this struggle evokes. The search for meaning and the act of creating to describe and generate understanding in this space is core to the artist’s research and subsequent projects. By deliberately placing his work into the evolutionary flow, de Haan attempts to reverse, adjust, and interrupt the course of time through sincere gestures that resonate with romance and poetry. We are asked to be attentive, patient, and open to following the artist’s propositions, especially when their logic seems precarious, or the promised transformation cannot be seen – at least not in our lifetime.