Jason de Haan Reviewed

Jason de Haan’s staggering mid-career retrospective at Esker Foundationtitled Oh for eyes! At night we dream of eyes!..” – Lindsay Sorell reviews Jason de Haan for Akimbo.
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‘Time and Time and Again’ – Best film to see this August!

Courtesy of the Esker Foundation, a rather obscure, yet fascinating Icelandic film will be screening at their Inglewood location on August 25.”

» Beatroute Magazine

Crossovers: “Earthlings”

Nancy Tousley reviews Earthlings in the May 2017 issue of Border Crossings magazine.

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Jason de Haan’s Time Capsule

Katherine Ylitalo writes a beautiful review of Jason de Haan’s Oh for eyes! At night I dream of eyes! for Galleries West.

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Esker Foundation thrives in art, architecture and views

Gurman Sahota and Mariah Wilson visit the Esker Foundation in this photo essay for the University of Calgary’s The Gauntlet.

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Calgary artist Jason de Haan explores invisible forces of the living, the dead, and the fossilized

Jason de Haan is interviewed for the Calgary Herald prior to the opening of his exhibition Oh for eyes! At night I dream of eyes!

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Esker Foundation Wins Best Art Gallery

Esker Foundation is named Best Art Gallery in the 2017 Best of Calgary survey.

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Earthlings Review

Nicole Kelly Westman reviews Earthlings in Inuit Art Quarterly 30.1.

» Inuit Art Quarterly

Art AF – Episode March 6, 2017

Elizabeth Diggon and Shauna Thompson talk to Claire Coutts and Jane Christensen on CJSW’s Art AF podcast about Esker’s new app and current exhibition, Earthlings.

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Canadian Museum Founder on Why He Is Not a Collector

Esker Foundation founder, Jim Hill has shared with Larry’s List his thoughts behind establishing the Esker Foundation as well as why he and his wife, Sue Hill, do not have a “collection” and never sought to have one.

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