2014 Exhibitions (Project Space)

Ron Terada: We Will Not Grow Old Together

October 14, 2014 - January 4, 2015

Project Space

‘We Will Not Grow Old Together’ mimics the display and function of signage and evokes an urban typology that is at once familiar and accessible, while also suggesting an alternate ethos or way of thinking of another time and place. While the work doesn’t behave like typical signage – it doesn’t announce the name of the building nor declare the building’s function – it is assertive and aware of its immediate context in the neighbourhood of Inglewood. ‘We Will Not Grow Old Together’ is a small monument to the inevitability of change – both positive and negative – to an urban centre.


July 21 - October 5, 2014

Project Space

‘I AM A HOLE IN WALLS OF BUILDINGS’ is an installation which uses sculpture, light, kinetic devices, sound, and re-appropriated objects to create a framework for an emotional and reflective experience. Located in a highly visible yet inaccessible window space, the work depicts a variety of unremarkable yet familiar desires and failures and is absorbed in a contradictory and compulsory relationship with loss, longing, and loneliness.

Yvonne Mullock: HIT & MISS

May 5 - July 13, 2014

Project Space

Adopted as a means to make floor coverings from humble, recycled materials, rug hooking enjoys a long and creative history in Canada. For this exhibition, Calgary-based artist Yvonne Mullock, along with members of the The Chinook Guild of Fibre Arts, will transform Esker’s project space into a live, functioning workshop. The artists will produce a hooked rug over the course of 10 weeks using materials sourced from local neighbourhoods, such as threadbare clothing and old household linens.