News: January 2015

A Canadian way to divvy up a Canadian exhibition

Marsha Lederman speaks to Esker director/curator Naomi Potter and writes about what the collaborative multi-venue exhibition Oh, Canada might mean for Calgary.

» The Globe and Mail

Must-Sees This Week: January 29 to February 4, 2015

Canadian Art lists Oh, Canada YYC as a must-see event!

» Canadian Art

Gil Tucker: Van Lift

Thu, Jan 22: Some Calgarians were also busy coming up with a creative solution to a challenging problem. As Gil Tucker shows us, they’re going to great heights to help celebrate Canada.

» Global News Calgary

Oh Canada! Oh Mini Van!

What happens when a mini van that has been turned into a unique art installation doesn’t fit in your freight elevator? This van, part of Optic Nerve by Canadian Artist Kim Adams, was lifted by crane to the fourth floor of the Esker Foundation in Inglewood. The piece is part of Oh, Canada a huge multi-venue art show.

» Calgary Herald