Founded in 2012 by Jim and Susan Hill, Esker Foundation is a non-profit contemporary art gallery located in Calgary, Alberta. Esker presents exhibitions, engaging and accessible educational programs, online and print publications, and supports new artistic production.


On view in the Project Space

Yvonne Kustec: The Garden

February 8 - June 6, 2021

Within The Garden a human figure transforms into a dense landscape, overrun by flora and fauna. Drawing on the long history of floral work in clay, Kustec works to honour both the tradition of the craft and the delicacy and resiliency of nature through recreating its intricacies. Her sculptural works draw on nature as a metaphor for both transformation and regeneration. Elaborately rendered flowers and snakes act as symbolic representations of the virtues, attributes, and characterizations of femininity. Through these symbolic entities she seeks to work through her relationship to identity and the feminine by reflecting on her connections to tradition, representation, and patriarchal narratives and systems, in turns questioning, embracing, or redefining and rewriting them.

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