Andrew Tarrant

About Andrew Tarrant


Artist’s Statement

My work is historically based in form and design, from mostly European cultures of the past. I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Southampton, England. My family moved us to Calgary in the early 70s. The medieval walls of Southampton were replaced by the open prairies, English castles were replaced by the Rocky Mountains on the horizon, and Stonehenge replaced by The Big Rock in Okotoks.

I missed the landscape and history of the place I was born, and that love of past times and my home culture eventually made its way into my work. Culture and tradition are very important to me, in my work, and my life.

I speak of culture and tradition through my work. I employ visual motifs and narratives that aim to evoke a shared response in the collective memory of experiences as well as an important tactile response from my audience.

All this ties into my work for Making Treaty 7, and our group’s Statement of Hope: “To find common ground, always.” I have made this work from Treaty 7 ground: a water service, ewer with eight cups. The ewer represents the land, and the cups, the people. All are made from the same clay, but created in various styles and decorated in different ways; some cups relate physically to the ewer, some not. There are eight cups to represent the cardinal and ordinal points of the compass. No matter where we are from, “We Are All the Same Clay.”


Statement of Hope

Together, our shared hope for the future of the Land and Culture is to choose to find common ground, always.



Ceramic artist Andrew Tarrant is known as an accomplished practitioner of sprigged decoration. His work is a contemporary view of classical pottery forms influenced by historical and mythological themes and a modern humor. Influenced by various cultures and civilizations throughout history, his work presents as both unique and opulent – from small, personal, utilitarian objects to larger, one-of-a-kind vessels. Born in the United Kingdom, he moved to Canada at a young age. His early memories of England promoted the evolution of his artistic career. Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, in 1990 he has created work for clients worldwide, is represented in numerous collections, and has shown in many exhibitions, including the 53rd International Competition of Contemporary Ceramics, Faenza.