Christine Conley

About Christine Conley

Christine Conley is an independent curator and lecturer at the University of Ottawa. Her research addresses issues of gender, trauma, and cultural memory, particularly in performance and lens-based media. Curatorial projects include a retrospective of Vancouver photo-conceptualist Theodore Wan that toured Canada in 2004-2005 and Crossings/Traversées (2010), an international exchange of performance artists involving the Belfast-based collective Bbeyond, and Indigenous artists from Canada. She has published widely on Joyce Wieland, Christiane Pflug, Mary Kelly, Charlotte Solomon, and May Chan. Recent publications include a chapter concerning Rebecca Belmore and Faye HeavyShield in Inside the Death Drive: Excess and Apocalypse in the Work of the Chapman Brothers (Tate Liverpool Critical Forum, Liverpool University Press, 2009) and an essay on Jeff Wall for a special issue of Art History: Photography After Conceptual Art (2009). Dr. Conley’s essay on Anishnaabe performance artist Maria Hupfield is forthcoming in Indigenous Contemporary Art: Negotiating Intercultural Differences (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014).