Keegan Starlight

About Keegan Starlight


Artist’s Statement

Giving Back to the Land

My concept for this piece was to show the importance between culture and agriculture; we teach our children to respect the environment and that they are the ones to give life back to the land. So in the painting, each step the dancer takes adds life to the grass, the sky, and in turn back into the culture that he represents.


Statement of Hope

Together, our shared hope for the future of the Land and Agriculture is establishing a personal symbiotic relationship by returning to practice traditional and historical methods of obtaining our food locally via ethical agriculture/hunting/fishing/gathering. We aspire to improve a sustainable, healthy, simple way of life through community gardens, cooking clubs, community food banks, and urban spin farmers.



Keegan Starlight is a professional artist from the Tsuut’ina Nation. Starlight has been practicing for approximately 17 years and owns a freelance art company with his wife, Amanda Starlight. The Starlights’ two children, Tiernan (age 6), and Brielle (age 1), are their biggest inspiration and the reason behind their success. The Starlights’ practices are multidisciplinary, working in painting, drawing (charcoal, pencil, pen and ink), jewelry (beaded, assembling, silversmithing, goldsmithing), as well as in fashion and design. The Starlights are currently working on illustrated children’s books as well.