Morgan Melenka

Morgan Melenka: A provisional vista

February 13 - June 11, 2023

About Morgan Melenka

Morgan Melenka is a visual artist based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary). She engages with sculpture and printmaking as she misuses architectural forms and materials to engage with history and place. She holds an MFA from NSCAD University, Halifax (2019). Her 2022 exhibitions include Nonsuch, which engages with the cycle of ruin/development in the city of Edmonton, and curatorial project Equivalence of Alloyed Gold with Megan Gnansihamany at Critical Distance for Curation in Toronto. Find her work featured in The Mall at the Mitchell Art Gallery at MacEwan University, Edmonton, until April 2023 and in an upcoming article in Peripheral Review by Nadia Kurd. She has taught visual art sessionally at NSCAD University, University of Alberta, and MacEwan University and, between other contracts, paints sets for film and television.