Peta Rake

About Peta Rake

Peta Rake is a curator, cook, and community interlocutor presently based in Meanjin/Brisbane. She is currently Senior Curator at University of Queensland Art Museum. Her practice as a curator is currently attentive to transdisciplinary conversations focussed on blue research, working closely with artists and scientists to understand the psycho-social, political, and gendered dimensions of coastal wetlands, sea country, intertidal zones, aquaculture, and the regeneration and articulation of these sites. Her work has always involved a large network of long-term collaborators and thinkers, and friends, with a keen interest in distributed curatorial work towards activism. At present she is collaborating closely with curator Léuli Eshrāghi on Blue Assembly and The Clam’s Kiss / Sogi a le faisua. They have collaborated on a forthcoming text for the L’Internationale/Koenig Publication CLIMATE: Our right to breathe (2022).