Yolkless Press

About Yolkless Press

Yolkless press is a Risograph printing press co-run by Areum Kim and Teresa Tam, and based in Mohkínstsis/Kootsisáwa/Wincheesh-pah/Calgary. The press was conceived as a project based on a shared obsession with objects, plasticity, pedantry, commodity, printed materials, and the frenzy of their circulation. Yolkless Press makes artists’ publications, postcards, posters, packaging, pamphlets, and other printed things, and is concerned about the potential of artistic practice and the by products that can be disseminated in de-centered modes. The press envisions to be an artist-run space that self-sustains through the revenues generated from the press activities.

“Until we get there, we lean on intentionally funded projects, but eventually we aim to be liberated from the yokes of funding structures and its scarcity-driven model.” – Areum Kim & Teresa Tam.

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