Archived Exhibitions

DaveandJenn: Paradise for an in-between time

January 29 – April 29, 2018

DaveandJenn, also sometimes, known as David John Foy and Jennifer Saleik, have been working together since 2004. Their varied practice weaves a long view of both human and natural histories together with the more closed off realms of private spectacles and inner landscapes. For Esker’s Project Space, DaveandJenn will install a multi-layered, saturated, and shimmering oasis in the middle of Calgary’s winter, where predators stalk and prey glow in the hot sun.

Veronica Verkley: Second Nature: FERAL 

This work by Veronica Verkley, reads as a time-lapse shot over several years, but in reality, it is a stop motion animation shot over many months, with the ruin and decay painstakingly animated by hand. From destruction, there emerges a transformative beauty: the house becomes uninhabitable to some, but in its decay, it becomes refuge for others.

Making Treaty 7: Finding Common Ground

July 31 – September 10, 2017 Jill Allan, Chris Cran, Amanda Fox, Micheline Maylor, and Keegan Starlight September 11 – October 22, 2017 Derek Beaulieu, Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal, Micheline Maylor, Andrew Tarrant, and George Webber This Project Space exhibition is a rotating >> read more

Laura Dutton: Night Comes On

May 1 – July 23, 2017 Night Comes On is a video installation comprised of sixty 8” LED screens housed in and among ninety-nine black wooden boxes. Each screen contains a looping video depicting human activity within a domestic window frame, as >> read more

Jude Griebel: Estranged Setting

January 30 – April 23, 2017 Estranged Setting presents two sculptures in an immersive painted environment. The works, Bird Factory (2016) and Trawl (2015), depict shifting anatomies that embody the complexities of contemporary consumption, industrial fishing, and agriculture. In Bird >> read more

Sans façon: Jasmine from Grasse

October 31, 2016 – January 22, 2017 Our relationship to place is a strange one: why is it that a feeling or memory about a particular place or time can be more vivid than others? How do significant, and seemingly insignificant, moments >> read more

Caitlin Thompson: Dandy Lines

July 25 – October 23, 2016 Dandy Lines is an exhibition of cosmic country embroidery that references Western fashion through the cyclical, transformative theories of craftwork and animation. It revisits the histories of the decorative and brings to the surface tensions between >> read more

Kyle Beal: A Chicken in Every Pot or How to Cook Your Own Goose

A Chicken in Every Pot or How to Cook Your Own Goose takes a critical yet humorous look at some of Calgary’s local histories and contemporary development in and around the neighbourhoods of Inglewood, Ramsay, and the Stampede Park. Utilizing the structure and aesthetics of a midway carnival game to both relate to and comment on a century of immigration to the city, economic growth, changing social mores, and contemporary values, A Chicken in Every Pot or How to Cook Your Own Goose asks if you can’t beat the house, can you really build your own?

Jesse Stilwell: Chromaphoria

January 11 – April 3, 2016 Chromaphoria is an installation that investigates the effects of coloured light on interior space and visual perception. The illusory quality of additive colour mixing is the core concept behind this work: the use of >> read more

Rebecca Loewen: Just for Staying Together

October 13, 2015 – January 3, 2016 Michelangelo Antonioni concludes his sketch for a film Just for Staying Together with a question: “I’ve always wondered whether it’s always right to provide an ending for stories, whether literary, theatrical, or cinematic. >> read more