Alana Bartol & Mia Rushton + Eric Moschopedis: a hint of perennial magic lingers in its fingertips

August 6 - October 28, 2018

a hint of perennial magic lingers in its fingertips is a site-specific project that examines native and non-native weed species in relation to urban development in the community of Inglewood. Soil and seeds of native and invasive weed species were collected from the construction site across from the Esker and elsewhere in the neighbourhood. These seeds will be grown in the Esker Project Space throughout the exhibition. In this work, the artists hope to create a conversation about land use, notions of progress, and the de/naturalization process of invasive species. Throughout the process, they will ask what remediation, reconciliation, and reclamation mean in this context. Their research will explore the distribution of plants in relation to development, the perception of various plants in the neighbourhood, and phytoremediation as an actual or symbolic process.

The transformation of biodiverse systems into monocultures, urban and rural ecology, human/nature co-flourishment, and cultural, political, and social narratives of plants and animals are themes that Alana Bartol and Mia + Eric share in their practices.

  • Alana Bartol

    Alana Bartol comes from a long line of water witches. Through performative, research-based, and community embedded practices, her site-responsive works propose dreaming, walking, and divination as ways of understanding across places, species, and bodies.

    Her work has been presented and screened nationally and internationally at various galleries including Plug In ICA, Winnipeg; ARC Gallery, Chicago; Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa; Simultan Festival, Timisoara; Museo de la Ciudad, Mexico City; Access Gallery, Vancouver; InterAccess, Toronto; Art Gallery of Windsor; and Groupe Intervention Vidéo, Montréal; amongst others. Recent residencies include The Banff Centre and the Santa Fe Art Institute. She currently lives in Calgary and teaches at Alberta College of Art + Design.

  • Mia Ruston + Eric Moschopedis

    Mia Rushton + Eric Moschopedis are an artist team from Calgary, Alberta. They bring together elements of craft, performance, and cultural geography to create site-specific and socially-engaged works. Thematically, their practice deals with urban and rural ecologies, social relationships, and place-based knowledge production. Throughout the last nine years, they have developed a practice that operates in both a gallery and public context. Their projects, workshops, artist talks, and lectures have been presented at formal and DIY festivals, galleries, and postsecondary institutions throughout North America and in Europe.

    Rushton + Moschopedis’ recent work explores ecological phenomena and interspecies relationships (human/plant/animal). They have mapped thousands of natural and constructed habitat opportunities for animals in urban neighbourhoods, created a botanical intervention that reintroduced native prairie grass species back onto the land of a historical mansion in Calgary, investigated coastal climate change in Newfoundland by animating saltwater algae as hand-dyed silk flags, and initiated a multi-year research process to study the migratory habits of a predatory songbird in Alberta. The form of representation their work takes differs from project to project and responds to the specific context in which they are working.