Laura Dutton: Night Comes On

May 1 - July 23, 2017

Night Comes On is a video installation comprised of sixty 8” LED screens housed in and among ninety-nine black wooden boxes. Each screen contains a looping video depicting human activity within a domestic window frame, as seen from the exterior of a building. The source footage used for this work came from wide shots of glassy apartment buildings in downtown Vancouver, shot at night during a firework festival, which prompted many residents to peer out of their windows. Arranged in the exhibition space, the stacks of screens and boxes reference an active urbanscape environment – a city in motion. The installation encourages the viewer to become a voyeur, peering into private spaces while navigating in front of imposing structures of flickering, hypnotic light. Night comes on as we move around this city of windows.

  • Laura Dutton

    Laura Dutton is a Victoria-based artist working with video installation and photography. Her practice explores light as both material and subject matter while investigating the physicality of the photographic object and the experiential subjectivity involved in the act of viewing. Her recent works focus on the window as both a barrier and a portal to another realm.

    Dutton holds a BFA in Photography from Concordia University, Montreal (2006) and an MFA from the University of Victoria (2011), where she currently teaches in the Visual Arts Department. Her work has been exhibited nationally in solo exhibitions at PAVED Arts, Saskatoon; VU Photo, Quebec City; and Xchanges Gallery, Victoria, as well as in numerous group exhibitions such as Ensuing Pictures, which opened the inaugural year of the Capture Photography Festival in Vancouver. She has been the recipient of two Canada Council Project Grants, a BC Arts Council Grant, the Canwest Global Scholarship in Film and Video, and she represented Quebec in the 2006 BMO 1st Art! national competition.