Veronica Verkley: Second Nature: FERAL 

October 30, 2017  January 21, 2018

Artist talk and opening reception: Friday, October 27, 7-8pm

An abandoned house in the forest gradually collapses as time, nature, animals, and the elements take over and ultimately transform it.

The work, Second Nature: FERAL by Veronica Verkley, reads as a time-lapse shot over several years, but in reality, it is a stop-motion animation shot over many months, with the ruin and decay painstakingly animated by hand. From destruction, there emerges a transformative beauty: the house becomes uninhabitable to some, but in its decay, it becomes refuge for others. Changes in our environment are nearly imperceptible unless sped up as a time lapse, then suddenly, trees spring up and fall back to earth; generations of species eat, sleep, reproduce, die; the very shape of the land fluctuates; days, nights, seasons, and years cycle; climate and ecosystems falter, improvise, regenerate, flourish. Life is resilient.

Second Nature: FERAL focuses on these normally invisible fluctuations, on all the small shifts that secretly, inexorably, add up to epic transformations.