Feature Contemporary Art Fair 2014

October 23 – 26, 2014

Canadian Opera Company, Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre
227 Front Street East, Toronto


Esker Foundation is excited to announce that we are the presenting partner of the educational program of Feature Contemporary Art Fair. This collaboration will allow the fair to present an expanded program of talks and to invite leading experts in the field of contemporary art to participate. In addition to being a presenting partner, Esker Foundation has organized three interconnected events: an exhibition of work by Calgary-based artist Tyler Los-Jones, a mobile reference library, and a panel discussion featuring Tyler Los-Jones, Andrea Pinheiro, and David Hanes.


For more information on Feature, visit: www.featureartfair.com 


Tyler Los-Jones: A tangle, a receding maze

Tyler Los-Jones’ ongoing body of work addresses and destabilizes photographic conventions. His images speak to the fetishistic nature of traditional landscape photography and how these images generate and fulfill our inherited expectation of the mythical endless and pristine expanse.

Tyler Los-Jones is a Canadian artist based in Calgary. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout Canada and the United States, including: We Saw the Reflected, Inverted Image of Our Own Age (2014), The Banff Centre; The way air hides the sky (2013), Esker Foundation, Calgary; WE (2014), Latitude 53, Edmonton and The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow; among others.


The Lantern Library – Library Book List (PDF, 42 KB)

The lantern library is a reference library that accompanies each of Esker Foundation’s exhibitions. Exhibiting artists are invited to compile a list of books that are important to them and their work with the understanding that gallery visitors and staff will have access to these materials. The library proposes a peripheral means to enter into conversation with work in the gallery, a potential shared language between artists and audience, and suggests connections between artists and ideas that might not be visually obvious. These materials also act as self-guided improvisational tools, which creates a space for formulating questions and acts in support of the position of not knowing, not from a defeatist standpoint, but from a standpoint that encourages the movement beyond not knowing: the fostering of meaningful curiosity.

As a part of Feature, Esker Foundation invited each of the fair’s exhibiting artists to request a book to be included in the mobile library. Throughout the duration of Feature, the collected books and two accompanying Esker librarians will be accessible to all art fair visitors.


Panel Discussion: And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
Friday, October 24, 3-4pm

Speakers: Tyler Los-Jones, Andrea Pinheiro, and David Hanes

In this collegial discussion, Tyler Los-Jones, Andrea Pinheiro, and David Hanes will collectively work through and examine some of the resonances and intersections among their practices, including the role of the photographic image in creating and satisfying our expectations of the world.