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Robin Arseneault: Falling Off The Log


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Edited by Shauna Thompson
Text by Naomi Potter
Design by Bamff

A limited-edition artist book to accompany Robin Arseneault’s solo exhibition Falling Off The Log. Designed by Bamff to highlight and embody the physical experience of her work, this unique artist book is performative, provocative, and luxurious.

Arseneault’s work often begins with sketches, small collages of found photographs, torn paper, and ink drawings, much of which is captured in, and between, the 64 pages of this book as intimate reflections of the artist’s working methods and material considerations. Also included is a text by Naomi Potter that highlights the work in both the eponymous exhibition and this publication.

ISBN 978-0-9880263-9-1
64 pages, softcover
Colour and black & white images
21 x 33 cm
Language: English

Edition of 300

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 33 × 21.5 × 1 cm