AKLAS Issue#1 – Launch and Artist Talk

AKLAS – aklás. (n.) (act) to strike (to stop working as protest to improve working conditions) (by extension) to revolt.

6-8pm: Join artists Harvey Nichol, Nheil Cayetano, and Daniele Pieroni in celebrating the first of five issues of the highly anticipated launch of “AKLAS.” This FilipinX Canadian Futurism graphic novel, meticulously crafted over three years, draws its essence from the rich stories of the Philippines—both historical and contemporary.

“AKLAS is an anthology comic series set in the class-divided world of Mega Manila in 2048. With a unique perspective on FilipinX futurism, it explores themes of climate change, government corruption, and corporate influence, subverting traditional Cyberpunk tropes. Through captivating visual storytelling such as graphic novel and art, including paintings, sculptures, and a concept art book, AKLAS offers an immersive experience that delves into a visionary universe where societal complexities and environmental uncertainties intertwine. “

AKLAS is a dual expression—an artwork intertwined with protest—that unearths the authentic FilipinX experience based on real events.

Don’t miss out on this immersive event—a blend of book launch, artist dialogue, and an interactive Q&A session. Through these discussions, the artists will navigate us through the evolution of art literature, the intricacies of independent book production, and the profound wellsprings of inspiration that brought their captivating graphic novel to life. This narrative vividly exposes the unfiltered truths of life in the Philippines.

November 3rd, 2023 at 6-8pm