Bring the Baby Art Tour

Join Esker staff for this gentle ‘baby-led’ conversational tour of our current exhibitions.

Introducing babies to works of art lays the groundwork for visual, cognitive and language development. It’s also just really cute.

Parents, caregivers and their babies are invited to join us for this gentle ‘baby-led’ conversational tour where we will explore some of the themes in our current exhibitions while considering our youngest participants’ reactions to the artwork. Following a half an hour tour, babies will have a chance to enjoy some ‘tummy time’ social fun on artist Yvonne Mullock’s extraordinary interactive sensory blanket, created especially for babies to explore and enjoy.

This program will happen in-person, registration limited to 10 adults per tour. Recommended for little ones 2 and under.

November 12th, 2021 at 12-1pm