Esker Community Evening with Brandon Vickerd

This community evening featured an artist presentation by Brandon Vickerd from 6:30-7pm, with questions afterward. Activities also included art-making for kids and families – creating collages of our own ‘future monuments.’

Artist Brandon Vickerd presented an artist talk about his new public art installation Wolfe and the Sparrows commissioned by the City of Calgary for the new 12th Street SE Bridge (new zoo bridge). This project was the result of numerous conversations and exchanges with the citizens of Inglewood, a process that was essential to the development of the artwork. Cast in bronze and positioned on a traditional raised pedestal, Wolfe and the Sparrows utilizes the language and aesthetic of traditional statuary to actively subvert the authority of public monuments. Modeled after the statue of James Wolfe sculpted by John Massey Rhind in 1898, located in the Mount Royal neighbourhood of Calgary, Wolfe and the Sparrows explores how notions of history and nationhood evolve as citizens expand our understanding of the past.

Esker is pleased to partner with our friends at Bite Grocer + Eatery.

May 10th, 2019 at 6-8pm