Crash Course: Discussions in Contemporary Art with Mark Clintberg

Continuing this new informal lecture series presented monthly over the course of our current exhibition, guest speakers present on different aspects of contemporary art and practice.

Defining and locating “modernism” is one of the thorniest subjects of art history. Modernist art has been argued to be both deeply tied to site and social identity (as with national and regional schools of artistic practice), and completely non-contextual – or even universal – in its values and aesthetics. By referring to a limited set of examples, this talk will identify qualities that connect to pivotal iterations of modernism in different locations and moments of continuum.

Mark Clintberg is an artist who works in the field of art history. He teaches the history of art at the Alberta College of Art + Design, where he is an Assistant Professor.


November 15th, 2018 at 7-8:30pm