Experimental Painting with Sabine Lecorre-Moore

Experimental Painting is an intermediate-level painting workshop led by artist Sabine Lecorre-Moore.  This workshop will explore traditional materials such as Venetian plaster, and well-known acrylic paint techniques. Part of the workshop will be held in the gallery in order to draw inspiration from the work in Margaux Williamson’s exhibition Interiors.

General / Adult
All materials will be provided.

Sabine Lecorre-Moore was born in Montreal, soon after, her parents returned to the French Alps, where she grew up. She attended high school in Annecy to study visual arts. In 1991, she obtained a diploma at the École supérieur de peinture Van Der Kelen-Logelain in Brussels. The same year, she moved to Calgary. During the next two decades, she realized many public and private decorative art projects. Since 2009, Sabine has dedicated herself entirely to her career as a professional artist.