Mini Makers at Home | Magical Pressed Flower Lightholders

Summer is in full bloom which means it’s time for another fun activity that starts outside! In the first part of this project, we will get out and explore our favourite park or our backyard to collect some colourful blooms and leaves.

Once we’ve collected all our flowers we will make a simple flower press using cardboard, paper and paper towel. With our dried petals and blooms we will create a magical jam jar light-holder to keep the summer magic alive in our homes all year round. Put a battery operated tea-light in your flower jar to turn this into a magical nightlight for your bedroom!

Approx. 30 to 40 collected flowers and leaves
Thick cardboard, printer paper and paper towel
String or elastic bands
Empty glass jars with any labels removed
White glue or Modge Podge
Tea-light (wax or battery operated)

Watch the video above and click below to download the step by step guide:

Magical Pressed Flower Lightholders

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