EYE Youth Project | Indoor Garden

Create an Indoor Garden and watch your plants grow:

Gardening is a great way to relax and bring a bit of nature into your home. Having plants in your living space has been proven to improve well-being, reduce stress, increase your attentiveness and lower anxiety.


-Jars- any size or shape will do, but larger is better
-Potting soil (a small bag ranges in price from $1-$3)
-Seeds or plants (seeds range in price from $1-$3 per package; already grown plants range in price, depending on the type of plant- a 6-pack of pansies can be purchased for $3)
-Dish soap

If you want to decorate your jars:

-A paint brush
-Tissue paper
-Sharpie markers

Download the how to guide here: Indoor Garden

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During this time of temporary closure of the gallery we cannot currently host youth groups in our space, so we are bringing special youth projects to you.
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