In-Person Exhibition Tour with Robin Arseneault & Naomi Potter

Artist Robin Arseneault and Curator Naomi Potter will give a tour of Arseneault’s exhibition, Falling Off The Log.

Robin Arseneault’s work is performative, provocative, and luxurious one minute, and silly, self-deprecating, and raw the next. Central to her exhibition are twelve large sculptures that started from a set of small palm-sized pieces of driftwood purchased from an online estate sale of a recently deceased artist from New York City. After receiving the box of driftwood, Arseneault immediately wanted to move them away from something precious to hold, to something more emblematic of, and relational to the entire body. Arseneault’s work embraces failure—the shuffling, twisting, tripping-into-a-fall-as-one-exits-the-stage kind of failure that is equally pathetic as it is hilarious. Yet the work is also guarded, and carries an emotional depth that does not define nor reveal its source.

August 18th, 2022 at 6-7pm