Mini Makers at Home | Nature Mandalas

Making a Nature Mandala is like making a beautiful gift for the Earth, and the great thing about nature mandalas is that everything you need to make them is already waiting for you outside.


STEP 1: Collect the objects for your mandala. Rocks, sticks, leaves, pine cones, dandelions, long blades of grass, flower petals and shells all make great mandala materials. Look for objects that are similar in scale or colour. For example, several medium sized oval shaped rocks, or a handful of small sticks, or all white rocks. Find the rest of the steps in the PDF guide.


Watch the video above and click below to download the step by step guide:

Nature Mandalas

Each month at Esker Foundation we facilitate hands-on art workshops for children, as we cannot currently host these classes in our spaces we are bringing them to you in your homes. Email us if you get stuck or have any questions or requests: [email protected]

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