Mini Makers at Home | Pajaki Chandeliers

Pajaki is a traditional Polish folk craft made from paper and rye straw. These mobile hangings date back to the 18th century when they were made by women in the countryside to decorate their homes, and scare away bad luck. Often made for Christmas or Easter they brought colour, joy and good luck into homes during the cold winter months.

Inspired by Pajaki, we’ve adapted this craft for children using coloured construction paper, paper straws, beads and tissue paper. If you don’t have these materials, get creative and use what you have on hand.

For this activity you will need:

– Embroidery hoop, metal hoop or paper plate
– Hole punch
– Scissors
– String, twine, or yarn
– 4 or 5 pieces of coloured construction paper
– Paper or plastic straws
– Tissue paper and beads (optional)

Watch the video above and click below to download the step by step guide:

Pajaki Chandeliers

Each month at Esker Foundation we facilitate hands-on art workshops for children and families. As we cannot currently host these classes in our space we are bringing them to you in your homes.

We’d love to see what you make! Share photos of your projects and creative process with us @eskerfoundation
Share photos of your projects and creative process with us @eskerfoundation tag us #EskerFoundation or #MinisatHome

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