PLACEHOLDER: An Unconventional Book Club. It’s your turn to talk! – Among All These Tundras

How can we characterize our relationship to the land we live in? Join us in an informal conversation facilitated by members of d.talks. Through the lens of our city, together we will investigate this question, as we consider how our connection to the land is revealed through urban practices of land use, planning, and design. The title of Esker’s current exhibition, Among All These Tundras, is drawn from the poem “My Home is in My Heart,” by the Sámi poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää—or Áillohaš, in Sámi. Our conversation will also take this poem as a starting point to reflect on these questions. You are welcome to bring a reading or object that manifests your relationship with the land.

PLACEHOLDER is an unconventional book club designed to generate conversations among strangers in a safe space, where a question is as important as an answer. Produced by d.talks (Design Talks Institute) in partnership with Esker Foundation, this is an opportunity for Calgarians to critically discuss how our city and citizens are impacted by local and global themes in Esker’s current exhibitions.

August 27th, 2019 at 6-7:30pm