No Reading After the Internet

cheyanne turions

No Reading After the Internet is a salon series where cultural texts are read aloud by participants. The series takes its cues from artists: the texts are a means for interpreting an artist’s work, and an artist’s work is a way of understanding the texts.

Departing from the possible futures of oil production and consumption that are invoked in the exhibition Synthetic Seasons, Mia Feuer has compiled selections from articles and essays that have been instrumental in developing the project. For the salon, no pre-reading or research is required. Instead, participants are invited to improvise an understanding of the texts collectively, which will be made available at the event. To participate in No Reading is to invoke an exuberant not-knowing.

The salon will be facilitated by cheyanne turions, director of No Reading After the Internet (Toronto).

Registration recommended

June 23rd, 2015 at 6:30-8:30pm