EYE Youth Project | Shadow Hunt Photo Project

The sun is out, it’s time to get outside and get creative. Try this project on your own, or invite a friend to do it with you at a safe distance (2 metres apart!), or virtually.

Go for a walk outside on a bright, sunny day and bring a smartphone or camera with you. Look for interesting shadows to photograph. Take at least 30 photos. Once you’re back home, choose 6-8 photos that you think are the best, and that tell a story, this could be a narrative you come up with, or an aesthetic connection based on how the images look together. Here are a couple of samples taken in the Inglewood neighbourhood:









Write down why you think these photos are the best ones, and why you have chosen them. Using your description for inspiration, come up with a title and/or caption for your photo mini-series.

Post your project on Instagram and tag @eskerfoundation.
We’d love to see what you make.

Download the how to guide here: Shadow Hunt Photo Project

Every Saturday look for new youth projects created by the education team at Esker.

During this time of temporary closure of the gallery we cannot currently host youth groups in our space, so we are bringing special youth projects to you!
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