EYE Youth Project | DIY Hanging T-shirt Planter

Add some plant life to your bedroom or kitchen with this hanger made by up-cycling an old T-shirt.


-An old T-shirt, preferably size Medium or larger




-Lay your t-shirt flat. Cut 8 strips (approx. 2-3 cm wide) horizontally, from left to right, through both sides of the shirt. This will result in 8 loops of fabric.

-Cut one side of each of the loops, so you will now have 8 long strips of fabric.

-Gather one end of each of the strips and knot them all together, leaving a 10 cm tail.

-Lay your knot flat, and spread the strips out. Group the strips in sets of 2 to form 4 pairs.

-Knot each pair together, about 5 cm away from the first, large knot.

-Spread out the strips again to form new pairs; there will be one strip remaining on the left side, and one on the right.

-Knot together the 2 remaining single strips on the far left, and far right sides, and pull this pair over to one side.

-Repeat this process, creating new pairs with adjacent strips, and knotting 5-7 cm away from the second set of knots. If you have a larger pot/plant, repeat again.

-Place your plant inside the hanger, with the bottom of the plant container resting against the first, large knot you tied.

-Spread the rest of the hanger open to accommodate your plant, and tie a large knot with all of your strips above your plant’s leaves/flowers, at the height you’d like to hang the planter.

-Trim off any excess strips above your top knot.



-If your t-shirt is made from stretchy fabric, gently pull to stretch out your strips before you begin knotting them.

-Try using a t-shirt with wording or a print for a different look

-A push-pin is an easy way to hang your planter against a wall in your bedroom or kitchen.

-Make several planters to create a hanging garden wall!

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Download the how to guide here: DIY Hanging T-shirt Planter

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Tag @eskerfoundation we’d love to see what you make.

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