Update from the Director

Dear Community,

Esker Foundation is cautiously planning to reopen, but not just yet. While we have been thinking and planning for how re-opening might look, we will only do so once we can offer our visitors an experience that is both engaging and safe. The safety of our team and their families also remains a high priority. We have extended the dates of the current Katie Ohe exhibition until September 6, which we hope will give local audiences the opportunity to continue to experience the work of this much-loved Alberta artist later this summer. We will continue to keep you updated as we move towards reopening.

The continuing risk of COVID-19 in the community will necessitate new ways of interacting during your visit to Esker. We are following the Government of Alberta’s guidelines for the safe reopening of museums and galleries. In addition to the now-standard measures of physical distancing, hand-washing, and limited occupancy levels, Esker is working on a timed free admission ticketing system to ensure your future visit is safe and enjoyable. Future programs are being moved online, adding to our growing number of digital learning and engagement opportunities.

While this moment continues to be uncertain and sometimes scary, it has also proven to be an opportunity to pause and check in with one another. We are thinking about the many forms that creative practice can take, within and without a gallery context—and increasingly, we’re seeing and engaging in important conversations about care within our creative communities. We believe that art galleries and museums are places for ideas to be proposed and challenged, and for community to gather. Globally we have seen that these experiences, conversations, and gatherings can happen in extraordinary ways remotely.

We are excited to continue these online conversations, while moving slowly and cautiously toward the day when we can welcome you back into our space.

Naomi Potter