Youth Studio: Botanical Printing with Kay Kei

Artists have been inspired by plants, minerals, pigments, and other materials from the natural world to create art for thousands of years, as reflected in Mel O’Callaghan’s exhibition Pulse of the Planet.  We invite you to join artist Kay Kei in exploring part of this storied history with a botanical printing workshop, and enjoy learning some of the basics of the traditional Japanese art form of Oshibana (押し花), an intricate and delicate art style that requires the drying and thoughtful arrangement of flowers and plants.

Kay Kei is a pressed flower artist, certified pressed flower tutor, and art educator. Kay grew up in Hong Kong and received a BFA in photographic design, and moved to Calgary in 2021 to continue her studies. She has been engaged in botanical art creation and art education for 18 years. She is currently a pressed flower instructor of “Japan Wonderful Oshibana Club”.

Youth Studio connects youth (13–18+) to contemporary art and ideas through free experiential and creative activities led by contemporary artists. Parents or guardians are not required to be present for the duration of the program. All materials and snacks will be provided.

July 15th, 2023 at 3-5pm