Abrianna Morrison

Bridge Space: Narrating Ourselves From The City

September 21, 2022 - February 19, 2023

About Abrianna Morrison

“My name is Abrianna Morrison, and I know little beyond being a Calgarian, even though my outer appearance suggests I hail from elsewhere. I suppose, in some ways, this is true as I was born to Jamaican parents, who have spent most of their life’s work in North America. So, even with a different ethnic background, it’s difficult for me to feel like anything other than a Canadian, even with some of the alienation I’ve encountered as a minority.”

“During one of the preparatory classes I took in response to joining this exhibition, all participants were asked to select a third person perspective or entity to reimagine the telling of their personal story. In a jovial mood, I selected geese as my third party lense, not only because they are an iconic, regularly occurring presence in Calgary, but because I thought the choice was hilarious. I ended up selecting geese as the titular motif for my entire exhibition entry. I wielded them to explore my loose grasp on the mountains and valleys of human behaviours I’ve witnessed in those around me and within myself. I’ve withheld mentioning any specific societal group or person, as this allows for the behaviours I’ve represented through my visual works and spoken word to be recontextualized. The human attributes I’ve highlighted in my work can present themselves no matter the face of the person or group. All of the social dynamics recognized through these pieces rely on worldview and societal context to be compared and contrasted.”

Abrianna Morrison: Cover My Backside