Upcoming Exhibitions

Jeffrey Gibson: Time Carriers

September 28 - December 20, 2019

Opening reception: Friday 27 September, 6–10pm

‘Time Carriers’ conjures a vision of many hands providing a framework of support, a fluid utopia where trust and movement go hand in hand. It evokes a time frame that both unites and collapses present, past, and future into an undulating and responsive single unit, something that could best be described as community or family. This idea seems especially appropriate when considering Jeffrey Gibson’s work, as it has always pushed to create kinship among unlikely partners.

Gibson’s artwork intermingles elements of traditional Native American art, art historical references, craft, and pop culture. A wide range of both historic and contemporary Native American symbols and objects including powwow regalia, 19th century parfleche containers, and drums are seamlessly merged with elements from Modernist geometric abstraction, Minimalism, the pattern and decoration of traditional textile practices, as well as techno, rave, and club culture.

Jeffrey Gibson: To Name An Other

October 19, 2019

Saturday 19 October, 3-4pm, free Atlantic Avenue Art Block Lobby Fall Exhibitions & Programs Brochure In a special performance as part of Jeffrey Gibson’s exhibition Time Carriers at Esker Foundation, fifty performers will be brought together for a drumming event >> read more

Nep Sidhu: Divine of Form, Formed in the Divine (Medicine for a Nightmare)

September 28 - December 20, 2019

curated by cheyanne turions

Opening reception: Friday 27 September, 6-10pm

‘Divine of Form, Formed in the Divine (Medicine for a Nightmare)’ examines how memories persist in the present, especially when related to personal and collective practices of resistance, resilience, and ritual. This mid-career survey is anchored by recent works that reflect upon Sikh histories amongst other collectively formed and formative histories considered through collaborations with Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes and Nicholas Galanin. Across different bodies of work produced over the last decade, Sidhu explores how memorialization practices can transfigure grief and loss, and how they can speak to the power and harmony of the divine.

Anchoring the exhibition are works from Sidhu’s ‘When My Drums Come Knocking They Watch’ series. These large-scale tapestries variously commemorate how percussive rhythms are formed through labour, function as the architecture of ceremony, structure communication, and collectively evoke how cultural practices conjure aural and embodied rhythms that carry ancestral connections forward in time.

Marjie Crop Eared Wolf: Iitsi’poyi

October 28, 2019 - January 26, 2020

Marjie Crop Eared Wolf continues her ongoing project to learn Blackfoot in the drawing, sound, and video installation, ‘Iitsi’poyi.’ Using thousands of Blackfoot words transcribed from the ‘Blackfoot Dictionary’ as well as an audio tape made by her mother, this work addresses cultural legacy and resilience by actively engaging in language preservation.