Upcoming Exhibitions

Kasia Sosnowski: SNEEK-E-PEEP’N

August 17, 2020 - January 31, 2021

Upcoming in the Project Space We are excited to announce our upcoming Project Space exhibition, Kasia Sosnowski’s SNEEK-E-PEEP’N, featuring brand new work made during Sosnowski’s recent Winter 2020 residency at Medalta. Medalta is an innovative industrial museum, contemporary ceramic arts facility, >> read more

Liz Magor: One Bedroom Apartment

September 26 - December 20, 2020

As one of Canada’s most important artists, Liz Magor has been producing a broad spectrum of sculptural objects, installations, and photography since the mid-1970s. She is best known for sculptures made from both found and cast objects that quietly, yet intensely pull our focus to the things that surround us everyday. Often presenting delicate items in harsh places, Magor creates structures that support fragile and vulnerable things; a practice, one could say, of care. Her work reveals how ordinary objects contain latent qualities that are obscured by our intentions as we acquire, use, and discard these items. In her sculptural arrangements Magor allows things to form relationships with each other that reveal their emotional and historic burdens and strengths.

Samuel Roy-Bois: Presences

September 26 - December 20, 2020

Curated by Charo Neville Samuel Roy-Bois’ artistic practice involves sitespecific installations concerned with the conceptual and material definition of space and the ways the built environment contributes to our understanding of the world. Through sculpture, photography, and installation, Roy-Bois examines >> read more

Jon Sasaki: Killing One Bird with Half a Stone

September 26 - December 20, 2020

Jon Sasaki’s multidisciplinary practice delves into the potentially generative outcomes of failure and futility. Sasaki’s solo exhibition at Esker Foundation will centre around a selection of his videos from the past decade that depict the artist’s persistent, sometimes reckless refusal >> read more