Brendan Griebel

About Brendan Griebel

Brendan Griebel is an Arctic Anthropologist, curator, and researcher of museology and material culture. His work facilitates the documentation and re-telling of stories through material form, and he works closely with Indigenous communities and independent scholars to communicate their collections to broader audiences. Griebel has spent 20+ years working with Inuit organizations and knowledge across the Canadian Arctic to facilitate the making, use, and interpretation of cultural objects ranging from traditional technologies, to architecture, museum collections, and digital media. Much of his research takes place in partnership with national and global museums, and is designed to implement Indigenous-led programs, platforms and policies for the exhibition and repatriation of cultural collections. Griebel holds a PhD in Anthropology, was the 2022 Fulbright Research Chair in Arctic Studies, and is a Research Associate of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.