Lizzy Moorhead

About Lizzy Moorhead

My name is Elizabeth Moorhead and art is a passion of mine. I attended an art centered learning school that allowed me to express myself creatively as I grew up. I’m currently a student at Discovering Choices II in Calgary. I am working to complete Art 30 and graduate with my high school diploma this June. After high school I plan to go to university for my teaching degree and hope I can inspire a love of art in my future students.

I have designed a sketchbook compilation for the Calgary Public Library that is on permanent public display. Additionally, I donated a piece of acrylic art titled A World of Friends that connected to community and equality to one of my school’s donors – Integro.

I’m currently working on a collage exhibit for the Esker Foundation with two fellow students that will be featured in the Project Space. I worked with artist May G N and Esker’s curator Shauna Thompson for this project. The theme is connected to our inner worlds, and personal interests; the silhouetted profiles are used to shed light on who we truly are.