Sergio Plazas

Narrating Ourselves From The City

September 21, 2022 - February 19, 2023

About Sergio Plazas

Sergio Plazas is a Venezuelan Law Student at the University of Calgary. He enjoys using the medium of video narratives to reflect on his own life. He hopes to construct pieces that will bring truth and happiness to himself and others.


The goal of my work was to challenge the deconstruction of identity due to immigration. Using my own experiences, I saw that I was displaced from any ethnic and racial identity I had, becoming foreign to both cultures I lived in. It was impossible to hold on to my identity in fleeting memories or in a society that would never fully accept me. However, I wanted to present how I was shown a transcendental identity that reconciles the other identities I had holistically. I chose to use videos from my childhood as the basis for my narrative to make the story personal, but I contrasted this aspect through the use of rotoscoping to depict the loss of my memories and identity. Lastly, my devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe is the main inspiration for my project. She helped me heal my own identity, and I want to invite others into partaking in her motherly love.

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