Thinking of You

June 10 - September 20, 2021

We are pleased to announce a new space on the 4th floor at Esker Foundation: Bridge: A space dedicated to young people. Thinking of You along with the exhibition Unmasking Imagination are the inaugural exhibitions in Bridge.

Thinking of You explores writing, connection, and memory through the process of making postcards for friends and family. Led by Yolkless Press, youth artists synthesized text and images to create two-colour Risograph prints — a hybrid digital and analogue printing method that can be described as “silkscreen meets photocopier.” Drawing inspiration from works by artist Teresa Tam and the Louise Bourgeois exhibition, What is the Shape of This Problem, From the Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation, the resulting mix of photographs, collages, and illustrations imagine who might receive and become connected through them. They capture the sense of missing one another, and an attempt to link with those separated by space and time.

Yolkless Press is an artist collective with an aim to nurture, facilitate, and collaborate on book-based projects with artists in and around Calgary. Possible formats include: artists’ publications, books, postcards, posters, packaging, pamphlets, and other printed things. We think about the potential of artistic practice that can be disseminated in de-centred modes beyond the confines of art galleries.

Esker Youth Engagement (EYE) connects youth (13-24) to contemporary art through free experiential and creative activities, community-building, and dialogue. Find us on Instagram: @EskerYouthEngagement

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