Jesse Stilwell: Chromaphoria

January 11 - April 3, 2016

Chromaphoria is an installation that investigates the effects of coloured light on interior space and visual perception. The illusory quality of additive colour mixing is the core concept behind this work: the use of various artificial light sources and light-reflecting surfaces produce a euphoric experience of constantly changing conditions of light and colour. Prism-like diffraction gratings break projected white wavelengths into coloured spectrums; raw fluorescent bulbs scatter white light throughout the space; a geometric shape of back-projected coloured light constantly changes and drifts, weightless, across the front window, ghostly and transparent in nature; reflective circles catch shifting colour projected into them, while the wall they rest on glows in a complementary reverse spectrum. The installation is ephemeral, seductive, and chameleon-like, never quite the same at any one time, or from any one perspective.

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