May G N: Occlusion Field

May 6 - July 21, 2019

Occlusion Field is a singular moment in time and space made of the stuff of trans defense mechanism: tattoos, liquid gender concepts, and hormonally transforming surfaces that come together to speak to an idiosyncrasy, a gestalt, a whole that transcends its constitutive parts. The Field is a shifting space of images and materials that represent the space between you and me. Beyond that space is me and you, respectively: two Occlusions who belie understanding, who promote narratives of deflection and anxiety. The Field, however, isn’t necessarily keen to divulge its disparate natures; it needs to be seen, first.

Built from printed matter depicting locales, bodily matters, illustrations from tattooed queers, and miscellany meant to prop up a presentation, Occlusion Field is a means to prove existence despite absence. The artist exists at its centre, but the exact nature of their form and function is deliberately obscured. Aerosolizing the body, denying romantic distance with clutter, demurring from direct definition, this transfemme is nonetheless present and engaged. Ultimately a reflection on boundaries and barriers, Occlusion Field scrutinizes the artist’s personal strategies of building meaningful self-expression as a trans person, defying the limits imposed by socially-enforced legibility in gender and sexuality.

Presented in partnership with Untitled Art Society

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Through the provision of resources to emerging artists, and the fostering of situations of encounter with broad publics in Calgary, UAS fosters developments in social, political, ecological, and cultural thinking and practice, making active the many potentialities of contemporary art and its salience in greater socio-political and cultural contexts.

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