Yolkless Press & Discovering Choices: Analogue Counterpart: A Riso Workshop

May 25 - September 18, 2022

In the Bridge Space

Analogue Counterpart: A Riso Workshop features prints and zines created by Dani, Destiny, Erika, Hanah, Hannah, Kris, Sid, Sy, Troy, Zach and Zachary in a two-part, hands-on workshop led by Yolkless Press. Through analogue experimentation using a range of monochrome materials, participants turned multi-layered drawings into Riso prints. Day one was about seeing how their work translated onto the scan bed. Day two was applying experimentations and learnings translated into a zine, exploring the narrative potential of a single sheet of paper. 

This creative process was rooted in the Risograph’s origins as a machine created for low-cost reproduction of hand-made posters and flyers for community organizations like churches and schools. Described by Yolkless as “silkscreen meets photocopier,” Riso is also an ideal method of printing zines– small-circulation self-published ‘magazines.’  

Please feel free to look through the layers of work hanging from the binder rings, and help yourself to the finished zines hanging from the hooks on the middle board.

Yolkless Press is an artist collective with an aim to nurture, facilitate and collaborate on book-based projects with artists in and around Calgary. Possible formats include: artists’ publications, books, postcards, posters, packaging, pamphlets, and other printed things. We think about the potential of artistic practice that can be disseminated in de-centred modes beyond the confines of art galleries. yolklesspress.com

Discovering Choices school offers a flexible, inclusive educational setting that meets the diverse needs of students through personalized programming.

Esker Youth Engagement (EYE) connects youth to contemporary art through free experiential and creative activities, community-building and dialogue. 

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