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The Animals Guide to Calgary


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Travelling to the city for food, shelter, or the chance to find a mate?

Just sightseeing with your family?

Passing through on your way to somewhere else?

Whether you’re arriving on hooves, paws, fins, or feathers, this map will guide you to some of the prime spots of interest, hopefully divert you away from the many potential dangers for animal visitors to Calgary, while providing some historical fun facts for you and your family. Be advised that things may have changed since you were last here: trails may have been blocked, fences installed, or road traffic increased — creating dangers for travellers. On the bright side, there are new green spaces, a new weir, and lots of ways to move about, even if it means sharing paths with skateboarders. While some human attitudes towards wildlife in the city are changing, there are still plenty of misunderstandings, particularly about the dangers posed by our four-legged brethren. Enjoy your stay, but please be mindful of risks posed by humans.


Artist: Rita McKeough

Writers: Shelley Alexander and George Colpitts

Editor: Jim Ellis

Graphic Designer: Glenn Mielke