Kids Studio: Robot Pow-Wow presented by IndigeSTEAM Society

Families with children (0-12+) are invited to come to Esker and experience the current exhibitions alongside Robot Pow-Wow presented by IndigiSTEAM Society, a temporary one-of-a-kind interactive robotics installation, and think about Artificial Intelligence and the future of robotics. In this installation, indigenous youth from Calgary proudly display their ingeniously designed robots that dance, drum, and parade.

Through culturally-relevant programming, IndigeSTEAM bridges the gap between tradition and a technological future, aiming to inspire youth with the limitless potential ahead. Experience a captivating blend of Indigenous culture and modern innovation in this celebration of unity and progress.

Image: Chicken Dancer, IndigiSTEAM.

December 9th, 2023 at 2-4pm