EYE Youth Project | Creative Mindfulness Drawing

Love drawing or doodling? Use it as a tool to calm your mind and body through mindfulness. Watch the video below:


Mindfulness is the ability to be connected to the present moment, and what you’re doing in the here and now. There are many benefits to mindfulness; one is that it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and create a sense of calm. This drawing activity is more about the process of creating mindfulness than the final outcome.


-1 piece of regular white paper
-Pens, markers or pencil crayons to draw with- you can use one colour, or many colours
-Clear tape
-Piece of tissue or another piece of paper
-Round glass (if you would like to create a peace sign, like the example)
-Ruler (if you would like to create a peace sign, like the example)

Download the step by step pdf guide here:

Creative Mindfulness Drawing

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