Ritual and Resonance: Exhibition Tour with Elizabeth Diggon with ASL

Join Esker Foundation curator Elizabeth Diggon, with ASL translation, for a tour of the upcoming exhibition: Mel O’Callaghan’s Pulse of the Planet.

Pulse of the Planet is a major solo exhibition by Paris/Sydney-based artist Mel O’Callaghan that synthesizes several years of collaborations and ways of knowing. For the last twenty years of her practice, O’Callaghan has explored resonant objects, spaces, and tools—namely how they affect, codify, and connect bodies. By working alongside experts in other fields, O’Callaghan seeks to pose new questions through her artistic practice, to highlight the natural synergies between disciplines, as well as to focus attention on how highly curious researchers reciprocally approach complex questions about our more-than-human existence.

August 10th, 2023 at 6-7pm