Kasia Sosnowski: SNEEK-E-PEEP’N

August 17, 2020 - January 31, 2021

In the Project Space

By turns playful, melancholic, and surreal, Kasia Sosnowski’s ceramic sculptures visually articulate the bodily experience of emotion — unease, anticipation, euphoria.  In her new installation, SNEEK-E-PEEP’N, Sosnowski evokes the simultaneous anxiety and frisson of an accidental or uninvited glimpse into a neighbouring window. Her ceramic forms reside behind street-front windows, shrouded gently by a hand-drawn grid. Sensual and visceral, her work beckons to be touched in the same breath as it elicits the bodily anxieties that we often strive to hide or obscure. A set of inward-turned feet resolutely weaves its toes into a tight warp and weft. Neon green tears seep through the skin of a seated figure, its legs dangling playfully. A pair of hands emerge tentatively from a moulting ceramic mountain.

Glimpsed through partially-obscured windows, Sosnowski’s ceramics exist in their own self-contained universe, connected by bonds that we can only intuit from a distance, yet they plaintively beckon us into their realm. At a moment when many of us find ourselves spending more time close to home, walking through neighborhoods, glancing furtively into nearby windows, SNEEK-E-PEEP’N conjures the wordless space between connection, transgression, and voyeurism.

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