Video | Artist Talk with Molly JF Caldwell


Molly JF Caldwell presented an artist talk and Q & A about her work and practice, as well as her exhibition in the Project Space, With One Hand Tied Behind My Back.

This site-specific installation is a love letter to Penelope, a mythical figure from Homer’s Odyssey. Piously waiting for her husband to return from the Trojan War, Penelope repeatedly wove, unraveled, and rewove a tapestry to avoid her scores of suitors. Through her own textile-based practice, Caldwell considers multiple readings of Penelope’s labour; is it an utterance of her autonomy and power, or a visual manifestation of her subservience? With One Hand Tied Behind My Back reflects Caldwell’s ongoing research on the complexities and contradictions of labour, care, gender, and sexuality.

Followed by a Q & A with assistant curator Elizabeth Diggon.