To Name An Other: Call for Performers

American artist Jeffrey Gibson is looking for 50 participants who self-identify as either a person of colour, LGBTQQIP2SAA, and/or Indigenous to participate in To Name An Other, a drumming performance that will take place on Saturday 19 October at Esker Foundation.

This performance, presented in partnership with Springboard Performance, as part of the 2019 Fluid Festival, is a component of Jeffrey Gibson’s exhibition Time Carriers, on view at Esker Foundation from 28 September.

The performance will feature 50 performers who self-identify as either a person of colour, LGBTQQIP2SAA and/or Indigenous. Jeffrey Gibson will also take part as the MC of the performance. Each performer will wear a unique garment that has been constructed from custom fabric with a text based print featuring a “name.” This “name” will describe an action or event that Jeffrey has found inspirational and courageous in the recent and current political climate.

Describing the performance Jeffrey Gibson states: “The performance will begin with an empty set of bleachers. One after another, the performers will walk onto the bleachers and stand before a microphone, say their “name,” then begin drumming. They will hold for 30 seconds drumming in front of the mic and then walk to the top row of the bleachers. The next performer will step onto the bleachers and follow the same steps. The performers who are drumming will continue to drum during the duration of the performance as all 50 performers repeat the same steps, until all 50 performers are on the bleachers drumming together.
The performers will walk off of the bleachers one by one, when called. They will continue to drum until they exit the space. The number of drummers will reduce from 50 to 0 and the performance will come to an end.”


A full day commitment on Saturday 19 October, from 9am-5pm, and an orientation dinner on Thursday 17 October from 7-9pm, will be required.

No previous drumming, music, or performance experience is necessary. 16 years or older. An honorarium plus meals will be provided. We welcome expressions of interest from persons with disabilities and persons whose preferred language is not English. If you have questions regarding access either in participating or attending this program, please contact us.

Deadline to apply: Tuesday 1 October

If you are interested please email, giving your name and telephone number, along with any questions to Esker Foundation:

[email protected]

October 1st, 2019 at 10am-6pm